Learn how to save your furry friend's life

Learn how to save your pet’s life with Pawramedics, the pet first aid training company that teaches you how to handle any emergency situation involving your furry friends. Whether you are a pet owner or a pet professional, you will benefit from our courses designed by industry experts.

What our clients are saying

Sunflower Pet Care
Sunflower Pet Care
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This course was amazing and hands-on, giving me the opportunity to fully understand the importance of each technique. As a mobile groomer and doing other things with dogs and cats, it was important for me to get the proper information. Jackie was amazing and I had so much fun, this course had so much information and I learned so much! This is where I will always come for my pet first aid!!! 🐾💛
Tammy Jones
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I've attended this course recently. As a new pet sitter, Jackie had alot of useful information to offer. She and her sickekick Lady , provide a relaxed, fun, comfortable and profession opportunity for all. I recommend this course to all pet lovers and professionals.
Sara of Smeltzer Ranch Dog Boarding
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This was absolutely the best hands-on, engaging course i have taken. Being able to work on real dogs and coping with the struggles of a real live dog moving, and not just a "dummy", was superb. A huge thank you to Lady and her owner Jackie Danger as well as Tessa and her owner. I highly recommend this, even for just personal use.

There is no 911 for dogs and cats. In an emergency, your pet relies on your instincts to get them out of trouble. Are you prepared? 

Learn how to save your furry friend's life

Your pets are more than just animals

they are your family. You want to give them the best care possible, whether it’s spoiling them with treats or protecting them from harm. But what if something goes wrong and your pet needs urgent medical attention? Do you know what to do in an emergency?

That's where we come in

Pawramedics is a pet first aid training company that teaches you how to handle any situation involving your four-legged companions. We offer courses for pet owners and pet professionals, designed by industry experts.

Our courses are fun

 interactive and practical. You will get to practice your skills on live animals in every class, so you can feel confident and prepared for real-life scenarios. You will learn how to assess your pet’s condition, treat common injuries and illnesses, and perform CPR and other lifesaving techniques.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Your pet depends on you to be their hero. Sign up for a Pawramedics course today and learn how to save a life.

Meet our Team


Owner / Lead Instructor

Jackie Stephens is the owner and lead instructor at Pawramedics and 13 First Aid Safety Training. She is a Red Cross Instructor, a First Responder, and a self-proclaimed first aid nerd. She is also the proud dog mom to Lady, who inspired her to start Pawramedics. Jackie loves teaching people how to care for their pets in an emergency. She believes that everyone should have the knowledge and skills to help their furry friends when they need it most. When she’s not teaching, she enjoys spending time with Lady, going on adventures, and hanging out with other dog lovers.


Chief Cuddle Officer

Lady is the star of Pawramedics, the model for the course manual, and a regular guest in many classes. She is arguably the cutest dog ever. Lady is a friendly and playful pup who loves meeting new people and animals. She likes to chase sticks, stones, and bones, and explore the outdoors with her mom. She is also very patient and cooperative when it comes to demonstrating first aid techniques. Lady is always ready to give cuddles and kisses to anyone who needs them. She is a great comforter and motivator for our students.


Yes! We welcome our students to bring their well-behaved, social dogs to class. This way, you can practice your skills on your own pet and get familiar with their normal behavior and vital signs. However, please note that some dogs may not enjoy being in a classroom setting with other dogs and people. If your dog is anxious, aggressive, or disruptive, we may ask you to leave them at home or in your car for their own safety and comfort. Please contact us before registering if you have any concerns about bringing your dog to class.